Amazon opens up virtual Dash Buttons to third-party developers

It also added new companies to its Dash Replenishment program.


If you're a regular Amazon shopper, you're probably aware of the virtual Dash buttons on the site's homepage. The site will auto-generate buttons that allow you to re-buy your most recently purchased items with one click. You can also create your own Dash buttons. Today, Amazon announced the Virtual Dash Button Service (VDBS), a developer kit that will allow third parties to create Dash buttons and display them inside their own devices with screens.

Amazon also announced that new companies have joined Dash Replenishment. The program measures the supply and use of consumables; when you're running out, it will automatically reorder more of whatever it is you're using. HP is now developing printers that automatically reorder ink, while 3M is working on air filters that can order their own replacements. Kenmore's new line of appliances will automatically reorder supplies, such as air filters and laundry detergent, while illy's new coffee maker (that is now available for purchase) will reorder capsules.

It might be a little weird, having an appliance or gadget that automatically re-orders its own supplies, but it's hard to deny the convenience. If you're a Prime member and have already signed over your life to Amazon, then this is just the next step in what you need arriving at your door when you need it.