Google Duo can share your Android phone's screen

Unfortunately, it's not working properly.

Google Duo has just made it easier to play tech support to friends and family: the video chat app's latest version comes with the ability to share your screen during a call. To access the feature, simply tap on your screen to see the new screensharing icon above the camera-flip one. Tapping the new icon brings up a prompt warning you that Duo will start displaying everything on your screen. If you choose to continue, a red border shows what the person on the other end of the line can see. A couple of red buttons also show up to give you way to stop sharing your screen whenever you want.

Unfortunately, the feature still seems pretty buggy and wouldn't work properly when I tried it out. All the person I was calling could see was a gray frame instead of my screen -- in Android Police's case, though, the recipient only saw a frozen image of the caller's display. Screensharing could become an invaluable tool in the future, but for now, you'll have to wait for another update in case it's also broken for you.