Instagram’s ‘mute’ feature hides annoying accounts

It might also save a friendship or two.

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Westend61 via Getty Images
Westend61 via Getty Images

We've probably all been there: After a dating situation goes sour, you don't want to see your former flame's posts in your Instagram feed, but haven't quite ripped the Band-Aid off yet and unfollowed or blocked them. After all, there's still a chance you could patch things up. Well, to make things less awkward, Instagram has introduced a mute feature that sounds almost exactly like Facebook's.

Muting is basically a soft-unfollow. Said account's posts will no longer appear in your feed, but you can visit the account profile and see everything there. To mute an account, hit the "..." button on the post and from there the function is nestled among options for reporting, blocking and sharing a post.

The muted account holder won't be notified that you muted it, and everyone can go along on their merry way. If you do patch things up with your most recent fling, you can un-mute them and no one will be the wiser. Unlike Facebook's "snooze" feature for timeline posts, this doesn't expire after a set amount of time. Now, if we could just get an option for turning the chronological timeline back on, we'd be in business.

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