Next Xbox One update finally saves multiple WiFi passwords

And it adds PS4-like "Groups" for games and apps.

Microsoft continues to chip away at software concerns with the Xbox One (work in progress indeed -- can you even recognize the launch UI shown above?), and its latest Alpha test addresses two pain points that have existed practically from the start. One option upgrades the system's Pins options with Groups. It's similar to the way gamers can organize items on the PS4 ribbon, popping games and apps into sets for easier access, instead of just having a single group of Pins on the home screen or in the mini guide.

The June update will also deal with a major shortcoming the Xbox One and PS4 have had in comparison to Nintendo's Switch: the ability to save settings for more than one WiFi network at a time. Since launch, moving either system from one wireless setup to another has meant erasing the old settings from scratch, which is just silly for devices in 2018. Practically any other WiFi device can manage moving across different locations, and soon your Xbox One will too.

Other tweaks include the ability to hit "Y" anywhere in the dashboard to get to search, five new languages for the narrator feature, and in a more limited test, the ability to share game-specific stats with friends right on the home screen. Alpha testers in the Xbox One preview program will see the new features rolling out now, while the rest of us should expect them to arrive next month.