Twitch is hosting a seven-week 'Doctor Who' viewing event

This includes shows dating back to the beginning.

If you're a die-hard Doctor Who fan, Twitch is about to make your summer. The livestreaming service is teaming with BBC Studios on a seven-week Doctor Who viewing event on May 29th that will show more than 500 classic episodes of the Time Lord's adventures, dating all the way back to the first black-and-white season in 1963. It's not the usual marathon -- the company will air a batch of episodes every day on its TwitchPresents channel starting at 2PM Eastern. The Yogscast team will produce shows to introduce each Doctor, so you'll hopefully know the differences between Tom Baker and Sylvester McCoy (hint: there are many) by the time all is said and done.

Not surprisingly, there will be custom Doctor Who emotes for channel subscribers, TARDIS cheer bits and weekly giveaways where you can win fan packs or a trip to London Comic Con. There's no doubt that the BBC is using this as a way to fuel buzz for the series ahead of Jodie Whittaker's debut in October 2018. Consider this, though: if you've only ever watched modern episodes (or can't play your old VHS tapes), this is a good way to see what you missed in the first few decades.