Intellivision plans a revival with a new game console

Some of the original system's developers are involved.

Add Intellivision to the list of vintage console brands hoping for another shot at glory. Intellivision Entertainment has revealed that it's in the early stages of creating a new video game system. Details are scarce (there isn't even a name), but the emphasis is on making a system that "all age groups and levels of gamers and non-gamers" can enjoy. There's familiar talent involved, too. Soundtrack impresario and Video Games Live host Tommy Tallarico has been named the President of the fledgling company, while numerous original Intellivision designers and executives are taking on leadership roles. Mattel is about the only absentee at this stage, but that's not surprising.

You likely won't hear much more about the machine until an October 1st event, although there will be a Q&A event the company's Facebook page on May 31st at 3PM Eastern. However, we wouldn't expect this to be a straightforward revival of the old system as with Nintendo's Classic Edition consoles. Intellivision is vowing that this will continue a "company tradition of 'firsts,'" hinting that it's banking more on the name than replaying the games of your youth.

As with the Atari VCS, there are more than a few lingering questions. How many developers are creating games with the system in mind? Is the team capable of delivering what it promised, or will it be subject to repeated delays and endless teases? And most importantly, will there be enough to entice people who weren't even alive during Intellivision's heyday? The brand isn't as iconic as Atari and Nintendo, so it could take a lot to sway young players who are more than happy with their PlayStations and Xboxes.