Amazon makes Prime Pantry its latest monthly subscription option

$4.99 gets you unlimited deliveries every month, for all orders over $40.

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Amazon is making changes to how its Prime Pantry service is priced. Rather than the flat $5.99 fee per box for Prime members of yore, starting today it'll cost you $4.99 each month for unlimited deliveries and free shipping on orders over $40. As Windows Central notes, if you aren't a Prime member, the per-order fee is bumping up by $2, and that higher fee will apply to anyone whose orders don't meet the $40 minimum. What if you're already an Amazon Fresh member? Nothing will change, from the sounds of it.

This is all well and good, but it does highlight Amazon's motives of pushing another subscription on its customers to drive its profits. Whether you use Prime Pantry or not, if you're signed up, you're still paying for it. Or, if you use it a ton, you're still paying Amazon for all those groceries. In so many words, Jeff Bezos stands to make money off you either way.

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