Apple CarPlay will add Google Maps and Waze support with iOS 12

Praise the car gods, you can use Waze with CarPlay soon.

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Other than a few small updates over the years, Apple's CarPlay infotainment system hasn't changed much. Fortunately, for fans of plugging their iPhone into their cars, CarPlay is getting the number one requested feature; the ability to use third-party navigation apps.

The third-party map support will ship with iOS 12. Soon drivers will be able to use their favorite turn-by-turn app instead of being forced to use Apple Maps to get to their destination. That means as long as Google and Waze (which is owned by Google) want to build their mapping software for iOS 12, they'll be available from the dashboard of your car.

Of course, Apple showed off both Google Maps and Waze during its WWDC presentation, so don't be surprised if those apps are ready to go as soon as the beta for iOS 12 goes live.

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Apple CarPlay will add Google Maps and Waze support with iOS 12