Amazon's Echo Look style assistant is now available to all

Previously, you could only order the device with an invitation.

Today, Amazon announced that the Echo Look is now available to all customers. Previously, the smart style assistant was available by invitation only. The Echo Look has a depth-sensing camera with built-in LED lighting that allows you to snap a picture of what you're wearing with just your voice, thanks to Alexa. The assistant can then give you personalized recommendations and keep track of what's in your closet.

The Style Check feature will tell you which of two outfits looks better on you (based on fit, color, style and trends), and another feature will recommend items that will go well with what you already own. You can, of course, buy the items recommended on

Users can also get fashion and style tips from Vogue and GQ right in the Echo Look app. And if you want a human's opinion on your outfit, you can submit pictures to the Amazon Spark community for further input. You can also use the Echo Look as a regular Alexa-enabled smart speaker. If you're in the market for a smart speaker that will give you fashion advice, then you can pick one up with free same-day delivery in many markets for $200.