Arlo cameras are getting person detection and e911 services

Of course, these new fancy features aren't free.

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Swapna Krishna
June 7, 2018 12:32 PM

Today, Netgear announced a couple of new features and service plans for its Arlo cameras. They are called Arlo Smart, and they use algorithms in order to cut down on junk notifications and ensure that what you're getting pinged about matters to you. Users can also access their recordings for up to 60 days and the cameras can reach emergency responders using e911 services.

The Smart plans include Person Detection, which differentiates the activities of an animal (and therefore, won't trigger an alert) from a person. Cloud Activity Zones allow users to define the areas they'd like to receive alerts from (blocking out swaying trees, for example). Rich Notifications allow the user to see their Arlo camera feed from their smartphone home, without having to open the app.

All Arlo cameras come with a free basic subscription that includes seven days of motion- and audio-triggered recordings for up to five cameras. The smart features are going to cost you extra, though. Arlo Smart gives you Person Detection, Cloud Activity Zones and Rich Notifications for $2.99 per camera per month. Arlo Smart Premier is a bundled service that allows these same features for up to 10 cameras, and stores recordings for up to 30 days, with the addition of e911 service. Arlo Smart Elite, which is $14.99 per month, has the same features as Smart Premier, but adds support for up to 20 cameras and 60 days of cloud recordings. Arlo will offer a one-month free trial of Arlo Smart Premier with every purchase of an Arlo camera.

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