Friends can steal the Instagram Stories posts they're tagged in

Let all your followers know how much your friends love (or hate) you.

Instagram recently enabled users to upload multiple photos and videos to their stories, but they left out the most precious commodity: You. Now, when anyone mentions you in their story, you can add that content to your own. Which is a great way to brag about how great your friends think you are...or put them on blast if they're talking trash.

The content becomes a sticker you can rotate and mark up when adding it to your story. You can only use snippets from public accounts, so if your friends are private, you can't forward their message to all your followers. The original poster will be labeled, too, so it's probably best not to pass along content from your shy buddies. Of course, if you mention who made the initial post, they can re-add that one to their story, and its stories all the way down...