LinkedIn will tell you how far away your new job really is

Because not everyone would walk 500 miles.

Job-hunting can be a tedious process. Polishing your resume, collecting the right referees and attending interviews all take time. Aside from GIFs and Snapchatesque filters, LinkedIn has been enhancing its business-centric service with more practical things like smart replies and the ability to ask connections for referrals. Its newest feature, 'Your Commute', aims to hit another serious target: streamlining your employment search.

Essentially, Your Commute calculates travel times attached to your job of choice. LinkedIn says its appeal lies in the fact job-seekers will no longer have to exit a job posting to determine whether it's located too far away.

Your Commute covers travel times for cars, public transport and walking distances. It shows the address (either inferred or verified) of a job site based on data from Bing or the company itself, and lets you enter your home address to establish a travel route and compute how long the trip will take.

It's also possible to record location information locally for future job searches -- particularly useful if you have a temperamental internet provider -- and Your Commute also allows users to filter out jobs outside their desired commuting parameters. Your Commute will roll out to all LinkedIn users on June 7th.