Xbox One 'Skip Ahead' ring tests features months before release

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Bloomberg via Getty Images
Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Insider program on Xbox One is a few years old now and just keeps rolling out new features for testing by early adopters. Now Microsoft has announced that it's giving participants a chance to try features that are even further away from their scheduled release date with a new "Alpha - Skip Ahead" ring of testers.

There's no word on exactly which features people will be able to test, but there's traditionally one or two new items coming in a Winter-window update, and isn't there some kind of event just around the corner where Microsoft might make such an announcement? If you value life on the bleeding edge over stability -- or just have multiple consoles and can afford to have one that's running far-future test builds -- you will see the option to enroll "in the coming weeks" if you're an Alpha tester already, and later by invitation for others.

Xbox One Insider Program

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