'Command & Conquer' mobile game wants in on that 'Clash of Clans' money

Android users can try out a pre-alpha version today.

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David Lumb
June 9th, 2018

If you were looking for a full-scale return of the Command & Conquer franchise, this probably isn't it. During the EA Play presentation at E3, the publisher revealed the new mobile game Command & Conquer: Rivals, a simplified 1v1 combat game built for small-scale smartphone play. It takes all the trappings of the venerable RTS and crams them into a format made popular by the wildly financially successful Clash of Clans.

Like other compact competitive mobile games, Command & Conquer: Rivals shows the whole map on the screen, though your opponent is hidden behind fog of war. This is one of several concessions to the long-running franchise: Players pick between the old-school GDI and Nod factions with their own signature units, like the mammoth tank. Instead of throwing armies against each other's bases, the game has players fighting over three point-accumulating pads for control over nuclear missiles -- launch two at your enemy, and you win.

Whether familiar elements are enough to sell you on a stripped-down version of a venerable RTS franchise, quick and addictive gameplay is where mobile gaming is at. Because it makes a hell-ton of money. EA showed off an early build of the game in an awkwardly-shoutcasted live demonstration at EA Play, so it's nowhere near release and could see a lot of changes, but Android users can jump into a pre-alpha version of the game today.

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