‘Babylon’s Fall’ is the next Square Enix PlatinumGames collaboration

We got to see a massive fictional history and some titans battling it out.

Square Enix and Platinum Games last worked together on Nier: Automata. Now, as announced during the Square Enix livestream from E3, the two companies are partnered up again for a brand-new game titled Babylon's Fall. It looks to have a 2019 release date for PS4 and Steam.

The trailer (above) seems to show a massive timeline of back history for the game world, along with fascinating artwork and giant creatures battling with swords. The timeline starts with a shot of the Helos Empire on a map, which made some of us think that the new game might be connected to Attack on Titan in some way. CE 5000 is noted as the discovery of the "oversoul," while a World War occurs in CE5112. In CE5450, Gaia turns against mankind and punishes everyone on the Day of Judgement. Two giant warriors clash in CE5475 on what the trailer calls "Awakening." The fictional world then experiences a Rebirth in CE5500, which is where the trailer ends and the game, apparently, will begin.

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