'​Nier: Automata' is hack-and-slash the Platinum way

A Nier sequel was one of the last things we expected to see at E3 this year -- which is why it was such a surprise when Square Enix showed off a proof-of-concept trailer for an upcoming PS4 sequel. Today, the company gives us something more substantial: the game's full name (Nier: Automata), a new gameplay trailer focusing on Platinum Games' combat engine and a bit of backstory.

Nier: Automata's first gameplay trailer is everything you expect from Platinum Games. It's a visual barrage of fast paced, combo-heavy, beautifully animated action. It's a clean mix of the developer's well-known style with a few nods to gameplay from the original Nier. According to the PlayStation blog, Automata is written to be accessible to new players -- but fans of the original will notice that some of the games ruins look awfully familiar. The main character, however, is compltely new: a cold, level headed android simply named "2B."

Sadly, there's still no word on when you'll be able to play the new Nier -- the trailer ends with a single, vague line. "Work in progress," it says. I guess we'll just have to wait. Check out the full post on the PlayStation blog for more details.

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