Listing hints that Netflix and YouTube are coming to Nintendo Switch

A Best Buy product page allegedly included streaming service apps in its features.

Nintendo's Switch may not be the nexus of the living room like the PS4 and Xbox One, but its hybrid-mode mobility makes it an entertainment powerhouse -- so the absence of streaming service apps over a year after the system's launch has been strange. But mention of Netflix, Hulu and YouTube have apparently surfaced on listings for the Switch on Best Buy's website.

Redditor DevCakes posted a screenshot to the Nintendo Switch subreddit allegedly taken from its Best Buy listing, though that seems to have been removed from the product page already. Hopefully this was a botched reveal expected to be announced during Nintendo's E3 presentation, as some speculated in the Reddit thread. Or it could be an error -- a separate commenter pointed out that the icons and text exactly matches the multimedia features on Best Buy's PS4 listing. We'll know for sure on Tuesday at 12PM ET when the gaming titan's pre-recorded Nintendo Direct video goes up (which they've opted for yet again in place of live reveals on a stage).