Microsoft's Xbox accessibility controller is available for pre-order

The Adaptive Controller costs $100 and ships in September.

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Microsoft's Adaptive Controller for the Xbox was designed with accessibility in mind. It brings the needs of people with disabilities to the forefront, ensuring that they can use their existing accessibility tools with a gamepad that was designed with them in mind, first and foremost. Today, Xbox announced that the $100 controller is now available for pre-order. The devices will ship in September.

It's hard to overemphasize how much of a game changer the Adaptive Controller is for people with disabilities. Its revolutionary design and nineteen 3.5mm ports ensure that gamers can use their existing accessibility devices in a plug-and-play method with this controller. And the controller can be remapped, based on how a control is responding to a particular accessibility device, without having to stop playing (or even pause) the game.

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