Microsoft's next Xbox will reportedly launch in 2020

Scarlett would be a 'family' of consoles.

Microsoft was quick to acknowledge that it was designing new Xbox hardware at its E3 presentation, but when will you see that hardware? It might be sooner than you think. Thurrott sources have claimed that the next-gen Xbox, nicknamed Scarlett, should launch sometime in 2020 (if history is any indication, likely November). There are no technical details, but it's described as a "family of devices." Like the Xbox One, then, you can expect to see derivatives.

The timing, if accurate, may seem unusually quick given that the Xbox One X only launched near the end of 2017. However, it it makes sense in light of Microsoft's current stature in the console world. As much as Microsoft has done to improve the Xbox One and prove the wisdom of its strategy, there's no question that the company is second to Sony in this console generation. A Scarlett launch in 2020 might be necessary to keep pace, and might even give Microsoft an edge if the next PlayStation takes longer to show up.