iPhone 3GS comes back from the dead in South Korea

Kick it like it's 2009.

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Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images
Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Have you ever wished you could relive the experience of owning a classic smartphone? You can, if you live in South Korea. SK Telink is putting the iPhone 3GS back on sale at the end of June after finding a slew of unsold units in a warehouse. Yes, you too can revisit the heady days of 2009, when the Black Eyed Peas dominated the music charts and LTE was still a pipe dream. It won't cost a lot to walk down memory lane when the phone costs 44,000 won (about $40), and don't stress too much over the nine-year-old battery -- SK Telink is inspecting each unit to be sure it's working.

Whether or not you'd enjoy this nostalgia trip is another matter. Remember, the iPhone 3GS didn't even have a front-facing camera, let alone other modern bells and whistles -- selfies on an Apple smartphone had to wait until 2010. And since Apple dropped software support for the 3GS after iOS 6, many of the apps you take for granted these days just won't work. Sorry, folks, no Instagram Stories or Spotify streaming. Really, you're buying this more as a living museum piece -- it just happens to make calls and take pictures.

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