Amazon offers Hub delivery lockers to apartments across the US

The Amazon Hub now serves over half a million people in the United States.

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Mariella Moon
June 19th, 2018
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Over half a million residents in New York, San Francisco and some other locations can already have their packages delivered to Amazon's Hub lockers for their buildings. And those Hubs are bound to become a more common sight in apartments and condos, now that the e-commerce giant has officially announced the product a year after it first offered them for installation. Amazon presents the Hub as a solution for receiving parcels not just from the company itself, but also from other websites, shops or even friends and family. It's like Amazon Locker, except it's exclusive to a building's residents.

Delivery personnel can drop packages to your designated box any time of day, so there's no need to wait for your order to arrive or to ask shops to leave parcels at the front desk. To access a box, you simply need type in your passcode on the Hub's touchscreen panel. It will also prevent neighbors with sticky fingers from snatching your packages.

Amazon Worldwide Lockers and Pickup director Patrick Supanc said in a statement:

"We're always striving to make things easier for our customers. Building on Amazon's expertise in locker solutions, the Hub addresses frustrations from property owners, carriers and residents concerning package delivery. Now half a million residents in some of the premier properties in the country have access to the Hub, Amazon's latest delivery solution. The Hub simplifies delivery for residents, offering quick and secure access to packages, day or night. For delivery providers, it offers a single, convenient location for package drop-off and gives property managers time and resources back to focus on other priorities."

While we're sure you'd love to have access to one -- it could ensure that you're getting your package in one piece, after all -- its installation still depends on your landlords. You'll have to continue relying on your property managers or use an Amazon Locker until they decide that installing a Hub would be a great investment.

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