Bing can use your phone camera to search the web

Identify an object using just a snapshot.

Microsoft isn't about to let Google's visual search features go uncontested. The tech giant has introduced a Visual Search feature to Bing that uses your phone's camera (either a fresh shot or from your camera roll) to identify objects and serve up links related to what you see. Snap a picture of a landmark and you may get travel info, for instance. Logically, Microsoft is also playing up the shopping angle: search for an outfit or home furniture and you'll get prices and shopping locations.

Visual Search is available in the US today if you're using the Bing app on Android and iOS, Microsoft Launcher for Android, and the Edge browser for Android. It'll also be available in the near future on both Edge for iOS as well as the Bing website. This is arguably overdue and isn't as sophisticated as live image recognition, but it's hard to complain about greater parity among search giants -- fiercer competition is ultimately beneficial for everyone.