Microsoft's Android launcher can run apps from your Windows Timeline

You can also access Timeline from an iPhone using Edge.

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Windows 10's Timeline feature is now decidedly more useful away from your PC, provided you use the right software. To start, Microsoft Launcher on Android now supports Timeline -- you can pick up where you left off with cross-platform titles like the Office suite. iPhone users, meanwhile, can access Timeline through Microsoft's Edge browser.

Microsoft Launcher is also receiving proper enterprise support with updates for discovering line of business apps (say, proprietary tools) and IT configuration advisement. If you live in a Microsoft-centric workplace, you may not have to do much to ready your device for office use.

The additions clearly won't make much sense for mixed environments where you can't guarantee that everyone will be using Windows 10 PCs and smartphones with Microsoft apps. However, this and efforts like Your Phone make it clear that Microsoft wants mobile devices to be extensions of the Windows experience-- even if it's no longer the one powering those devices.

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