Google Lens comes to the Pixel camera apps (update)

No need to go through Assistant anymore.

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Mariella Moon
June 26, 2018 9:16 AM
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Google has rolled out a more straightforward way to access Lens and its visual search features on Mountain View's own devices. You used to have go through Assistant to take advantage of the AI-powered tool, but now the tech giant has added Lens right into Google Camera app for the Pixel and Pixel 2. According to 9to5google, Lens functions as another mode within the application, so you can choose it in navigation next to AR Stickers.

Google Lens

[Image credit: 9to5google]

You simply have to tap anywhere on the screen to look up objects, establishments and even dog breeds, to instantly translate words, or to send email to addresses you see on business cards, among other things. Google promised to put Lens right inside camera applications back during its annual I/O developers conference, and now it's making good on its word. Lens will eventually make its way to third-party manufacturers' stock camera apps, as well, including LG, Motorola and Sony, which already rolled it out to some of their devices.

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You can check out the Google Camera app on the Play Store, but you won't be able to see it unless you have a Pixel.

Update, 6/28 9AM ET: This article originally said that Android Lens functionality was coming to Google's camera app for Nexus and Android One phones as well as the Pixel, but Google let us know that support for the latter two phone lines hasn't rolled out yet.

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Google Lens comes to the Pixel camera apps (update)