Google Maps' new Yelp-like features are now live

Recommendations are at the forefront as Google tries to edge out Yelp.

At the I/O developer conference last month, Google announced a bunch of new features for Maps, and they're now making their way into the wild. Google is rolling out an update now, which includes a redesigned Explore tab with recommendations for restaurants, cafes and bars. Those include curated, trending lists of what's worth checking out.

If you're on Android, Google can automatically check off each restaurant you've visited on a trending list, so if you're determined to try all the best pizza places in town, you can track your progress in the app. There's also a match score (out of 100) indicating how much Google thinks you'll like a certain place if you have the Location History feature turned on.

Google can recommend dining spots based on your foodie likes and dislikes, too; you can mark those in the settings. There's a new For You tab as well, which aims to keep you in the loop on what's happening in your 'hood (or anywhere else you're interested in). That tab should be live on Android in the US, UK, Australia, Canada and Japan when you update the Google Maps app.

However, there's no sign of the Group Planning feature just yet. That aims to help you make plans with your besties straight from the Google Maps app, with your buds voting on each potential option to figure out the best places to go and have fun together. You can expect to see that later this summer.

Google is trying to make Maps a one-stop shop for figuring out what's worth seeing and doing. Adding features like this means you might not have to open up Yelp to see what's interesting, then check Maps to figure out how to get there. You might not see the Google Maps update just yet, though. Rollouts usually take a little while to reach everyone, so don't worry if it's not appearing for you so far.