Amazon Alexa for iOS can now respond to spoken commands

You'll still have to press a button for voice control to work, though.

You can finally use Amazon Alexa for iOS as an (almost) hands-free voice assistant. The tech giant has rolled out voice control to the iOS version of its assistant, so you can simply fire up the app on the iPhone to use it to adjust your smart lights or to start playing music. You can use trigger words to summon Alexa skills, as well as ask the assistant questions about sports, history and pretty much everything you want to. For some queries like weather forecasts and movie times, it also shows on-screen responses with additional details. We said "almost" hands-free, though, because you still need to tap the Alexa button for the app to respond to your spoken commands.

Yes, you can't wake the assistant up and make it do your bidding with a "Hey, Alexa" as you can with an Echo speaker. As TechCrunch points out, that's reserved for Apple's own assistant Siri. But if you were waiting for the feature, which Amazon promised after it rolled out voice control for the Alexa app on Android devices, then make sure to update your app to get the latest update.