Google Calendar auto-rejects meetings when you're on vacation

Out of office and refined working hours settings have arrived.

No longer will you have to meekly reply to someone to say you can't get to a meeting they set up in Google Calendar when you're already on vacation. The scheduling app will now do the work for you, as Google continues to promote digital wellbeing.

You can set up a custom out of office message on your calendar that lets others know you're away, and Google will automatically decline meeting requests while you're sunning yourself on a beach somewhere. Google's artificial intelligence will also try to figure out which events should be labeled as out of office based on the title, and change the event type for you.

Calendar now gives you more control over working hours settings, too. While you can already set up Calendar with the same work schedule over the entire week, the update allows you to mark different hours for each day. Google will try to use your timezone and event history to determine your working hours, though you can adjust the suggested schedules if need be.

Both the out of office setting and granular working hours control are a long time coming, but now that they're here, it could make it easier for you to establish a healthier work-life balance. Google is rolling out the updates to G Suite users, and they'll likely be available for everyone else soon.