Android and YouTube will help you manage screen time

Dashboard and notification digests will lend a hand.

Those rumors of Google launching tools to manage your screen time? They're true. The internet giant has used its I/O conference to unveil a string of digital well-being initiatives that will help you get away from tech. To start, Android P is getting a dashboard that will give you a clearer picture of how long you use your phone with given apps and how many notifications you receive. Do Not Disturb will also reduce visual distractions, while a Shush option will silence alerts when you flip the phone down. And when it's time to call it a night, Wind Down mode will both switch on DND and turn your screen gray scale.

YouTube, meanwhile, will let you schedule customized breaks and distill your video notifications into a single Notifications Digest. These video viewing features should be available this week.

You'll likewise see some well-being features oriented toward kids. On top of the existing Family Link parental controls, there's a Be Internet Awesome initiative that uses games to teach online safety and citizenship directly to kids while providing resources for parents and educators. All told, Google is shifting its focus from simply piling on new technology to helping you use that technology responsibly -- a growing concern as kids grow up with digital devices in virtually every aspect of their lives.

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