Microsoft creates a new team focused on healthcare

Predictably, it's called Microsoft Healthcare.

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Getty Images/Hero Images
Getty Images/Hero Images

Thanks to Healthcare NExT (New Experiences and Technologies), for the last few years Microsoft has been working on healthcare innovation through AI and cloud computing. Now, the company is creating a new team that combines that work with a focus on partnerships and cross-company strategy for both healthcare and life sciences.

To do this, Microsoft has made two important hires. Jim Weinstein is now the Head of Innovation and Health Equity and will focus on supporting health systems in their move to the cloud, along with developing a long-term, cross-company vision for Microsoft Healthcare. Joshua Mandel is the Chief Architect for the group, and he'll be working on the open cloud architecture that health systems will be able to use.

Microsoft isn't the only company working on tech solutions to unlock the potential in health care data by migrating it to the cloud. Apple has been working to make its Health app a one-stop shop for all your medical records, integrating with certain health systems to make the process seamless. Additionally, Google and Fitbit are working together to send your health data straight to doctors. Thanks to Google Cloud for Healthcare, your doctor can monitor your real-time health data as well as your medical records.

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