WhoSampled's mobile app is Shazam for song samples

Pinpoint that familiar beat even if you don't know songs by name.

If you're a music junkie (especially in the electronic realm), there's a good chance that you've used WhoSampled to identify song samples, covers or remixes. So far, though, you've had to know the name of the song you're looking for to start your journey -- what if you hear an interesting sample in a song on the radio? You're in luck after today. WhoSampled has introduced Shazam-style music recognition to its Android and iOS apps, helping you identify both the song you're listening to and (if it's in the company's database) discover its connections. Are you convinced a strange song is using the Amen Break? You can find out just by putting your phone within listening range.

There's a catch: to get unlimited song recognition, you'll have to pay WhoSampled's $10 per year subscription on top of what it costs for the app itself (ad-supported but free on Android, $4 and ad-free on iOS). That may seem like a bit much for a one-time use. It does eliminate ads on WhoSample's website, mind you, so you might justify the outlay if you're exploring the inner workings of songs as often as you do the songs themselves.