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Adidas warns US customers about a possible data breach

Contact information, usernames and passwords may have been exposed.

Adidas announced this week that its systems might have suffered a data breach and that millions of customers' data could have been exposed. The company became aware of the issue on Tuesday and on Thursday, it reported that "an authorized party claims to have acquired limited data associated with certain Adidas consumers." Those potentially affected are believed to be customers who made purchases on Adidas' US website. Contact information, usernames and encrypted passwords might have been exposed, according to the company's preliminary investigation, but as of now, credit card and fitness information aren't thought to be included in any stolen data.

The company joins a number of others that have declared data breaches or other data security incidents this year. Panera left millions of its customers' records exposed on its site while Orbitz announced a breach that exposed some 880,000 credit cards. An Under Armour security breach exposed 150 million MyFitnessPal accounts, hackers stole info on 5 million payment cards from Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor and a tech firm called [24] suffered a breach that may have exposed the customer data of its partners, which include Sears, Delta and Best Buy.

Adidas says it's working with data security firms and law enforcement as it investigates the incident. It's also alerting any customers that might have been affected.