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Light's multi-lens camera tech is coming to a phone

It's working on a phone that could have up to nine camera lenses.

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DAVID MCNEW via Getty Images
DAVID MCNEW via Getty Images

A couple of years ago, Light launched its L16 camera, a "multi-aperture computational camera" that features 16 lenses. Ten or more of them capture an image simultaneously but at different focal lengths and the camera then combines those separate images into a single 52-megapixel photo. Now, the Washington Post reports that the company is working on bringing that idea to a phone.

Light showed the publication various concept phones and prototypes that had between five and nine lenses incorporated onto their backs. And the company claims its design can capture 64-megapixel shots, can take better photos in low light and offers advanced depth effects. Light says a smartphone with its multi-lens design will be announced later this year, but it will be interesting to see how those lenses affect the cost. As the Washington Post notes, priced at $1950, the L16 certainly isn't cheap.

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