BBC Studios really wants to know who leaked 'Doctor Who' footage

The studio has filed an application in California to aid in the investigation.

Someone recently leaked a clip from Doctor Who's latest season online, and now the BBC is asking California courts to help find the perpetrator. Why California? Because that's where Tapatalk, the message board app where the leaked footage was shared, is headquartered. BBC Studios said that it "will strive to protect our program-makers, audiences and license fee payers from any breaches of security -- ensure Doctor Who fans enjoy the final and fully completed version of the episode when it premieres."

BBC Studios hopes that filing an application in the Golden State's court will push Tapatalk to reveal the leaker's identity.

According to BBC News, the clip hadn't been finalized and from the sounds of it, hadn't been color graded yet, which could make it easier to discover when and who leaked the footage. During its investigation, BBC Studios also found that the link had been shared on Discord by a "small number of individuals."

In addition to the 53-second clip, two still images cropped up as well. BBC Studios isn't holding Tapatalk responsible. Instead, it sounds like production house is using the Communications Decency Act, which holds individual users responsible for what's put on a website -- not the website owner.

And, for now, that's it. Some folks believe that the clip was supposed to premiere during San Diego Comic-Con's Doctor Who panel that new Doctor Jodie Whitaker (above) is expected to attend. Which, given that it's scheduled for the convention center's massive Hall H, probably would've resulted in at least one person recording the footage with their cellphone and uploading it to YouTube anyway.