Waze can get you a roadside tow in Europe

An in-app button will deliver roadside help and emergency services.

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Car trouble on the motorway is frustrating enough by itself, let alone if you don't have a roadside assistance plan to ease your worries. Waze may soon help get you out of a jam, though. The Google-owned navigation app is teaming up with Allianz Partners on an in-app Roadside Help (SOS) button for European drivers. Tap it and a call center or digital platform will get in touch to help you with a breakdown or emergency, whether or not you have insurance or a roadside assistance policy. You shouldn't have to frantically search for a towing company when all you want to do is get home.

You may want to plan your next road trip carefully if you're counting on using the feature. At first, the Waze/Allianz connection will only be useful in Greece and Italy. The UK and other 18 countries (including most of mainland Europe as well as Ireland, Russia and Turkey) will have to wait until later in 2018. So long as you're patient, though, you might not worry quite as much about pulling over to the road shoulder.

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