'Fortnite' players are having too much fun with Playground mode

Who said tutorials had to be about learning?

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realburntrees/Epic Games
realburntrees/Epic Games

Fortnite's Playground mode might have been designed as a testing ground for newcomers, but that hasn't stopped players with irrepressible creative streaks from constructing things that are a little more niche. From Nintendo 64 monoliths and Mario Kart racing tracks to giant galleons, 8-bit Links and a gorgeous Loot Lake re-imagining, there's a plethora of inspiring content to behold.

Prior to the introduction of Playground mode, there was no real way for inexperienced gamers to familiarize themselves with Fortnite's rules without making a significant time investment. While most newer releases clearly set out their control schemes, Fortnite's fast-paced gameplay isn't so self-explanatory -- and that's where the tutorial mode comes in.

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Image: /r/Basiero

Epic Games doesn't seem to mind fostering players' imaginations; the developer recently opened up a filmmaking challenge with a generous V-Bucks bounty up for grabs. Whoever produces a film reel that best encapsulates the Blockbuster vibe before the July 11th deadline wins.

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