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The Morning After: The next iPhone might have more color options

Some colors.

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Late Night with John Oliver
Late Night with John Oliver

Hey there! We lay out why Netflix's new pricing tier (still in testing) is inevitable, Fortnite Playground is a (not-long-for-this-world) hit and how smart, secure bikes are changing one editor's approach to cycling.

Who said tutorials had to be about learning?
'Fortnite' players are having too much fun with Playground mode (but only for one more week)

Fortnite's Playground mode might have been designed as a testing ground for newcomers, but that hasn't stopped players repurposing the build component and going to town, Minecraft-style. From Nintendo 64 monoliths and Mario Kart racing tracks to giant galleons, eight-bit Links and a gorgeous Loot Lake re-imagining, they've all been crafted without fear of a headshot coming from right around the corner. That said, the mode will replaced by a new creative mode, soon.

More shows need more money, and Netflix is running out of people.
Netflix's pricier 'Ultra' tier is inevitable

Netflix took Hollywood by storm with insights on customer data, bold decisions and a blank checkbook. But if the streaming service is going to spend as much as it does, it's got to make more money. One way? Add a new pricier tier for early adopters.

The feature was already available in the Model S and X.
Tesla's Model 3 can now park itself with Summon feature

Tesla tweeted today that the Summon feature is now available in its Model 3. The feature, which was already available in the Model S and Model X, lets Tesla owners have their cars park themselves. With Summon, a Tesla vehicle can also control garage doors, drive in or out of the garage and power down without the need for a driver behind the wheel.

The added fees will differ depending on the movie and the popularity.

MoviePass' surge pricing starts today

Surge pricing has gone into effect, charging customers a little extra for movies and showtimes that are especially popular. That added fee, which MoviePass is calling Peak Pricing, starts rolling out today to customers with a monthly plan as well as any new annual subscribers. When a film or a particular showtime is in high demand and subject to an additional fee, you'll see a little red lightning icon over the showtime. Can I blame Uber? Going to blame Uber.

The report also details three new iPhones that will make their debut.
Apple may introduce blue, red and orange iPhones this fall

Apple may be releasing its next iPhone in a few more colors than usual. In addition to the usual gray and white, reports suggest that the entry-level 6.1-inch iPhone will also arrive in blue, red and orange.

There are precious few problems in games that can't be solved with shooting.
Gaming has a gun problem.

It mostly all started with Doom, decades ago. Doom's influence is clear in nearly every game in the genre. Granted, you're not going to find many Cacodemons in other franchises, but the standard weapon array -- i.e. pistol, shotgun, assault rifle and rocket launcher -- has bled over to countless FPS and open-world adventure titles, from Far Cry and Crysis to Uncharted and Grand Theft Auto, give or take a sniper rifle or two.

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