'Monster Hunter: World' makes its PC debut August 9th

It doesn't seem like a lazy port, either.

Last E3 Capcom announced that Monster Hunter: World would be out for PlayStation 4, Xbox one and PC. There hasn't been much, if any, news about the game's PC port since, but that's all changed: Come August 9th, the co-op boss fight game will be available on Steam. It's up for pre-order already if you're feeling impatient, with a few in-game bonuses for doing so to boot.

Capcom has listed the minimum system requirements, so you can see if your rig is ready prior to release date too. Based on the screenshots Capcom released, World will run in 4K at 60 FPS assuming your machine is beefy enough, support Vsync and have a smattering of graphics options to tweak for best performance.

From the looks of it, Capcom has spent the last seven or so months since the game's console debut making sure its PC port would do justice to the platform. Need more proof? Take a gander at the screenshot gallery at the source link.