Instagram's latest Story sticker is for Q&A

Find out exactly what your followers think.

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Instagram's Stories now involve much more two-way interaction than simple polls. True to recent leaks, both Android and iOS users can use a Questions sticker that (surprise) lets you ask followers for feedback. They can answer as many times as they like, and all your responses will live in your viewers list for a given story. You can share responses with the public, but Instagram will hide usernames and profile photos to prevent naming and shaming.

The feature should be available today.

It's an appealing addition if you often want to hear back from your Instagram audience. And for Instagram, the appeal is self-evident: it encourages Story creators to post more often knowing they'll get responses, while viewers may be more likely to watch knowing they can make their voices heard. This also gives Instagram an edge over its archrival Snapchat. You may be more likely to switch services if you know you can be more than a passive viewer.

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