Porsche's super-fast EV chargers are now plugged into the grid

The company installed the chargers last year.

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When Porsche opened its first electric car charging park outside its Berlin office, it installed super-fast 800-volt chargers. Now, these chargers have been plugged into the electric grid and are ready for use. While any compatible electric vehicle (not just Porsches) with a Combined Charging System connector can use the chargers for free, only Porsche's upcoming Taycan will be able to take advantage of the fastest charging speeds.

"Depending on the charging power in kW, the charging time for a range of 400 kilometres is currently between 40 and 80 minutes," the release explains. "Increasing the voltage level to 800 volts significantly reduces the charging time to less than 20 minutes for the same range."

This Berlin charging lot is a pilot program; Porsche is already working on another fast-charging station outside its US headquarters in Atlanta, GA. By the time Porsche's electric vehicles are fully on the scene, the company plans to give these buyers options when it comes to where to fast-charge their brand new EVs.

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