Undersea survival game 'Subnautica' hits PS4 this holiday season

It's coming from the people who brought 'Doom' to the Switch.

Subnautica has been available on PCs and the Xbox One for years (albeit usually in rough form), but where's the love for PS4 owners? Don't worry, you're covered. Unknown Worlds' underwater survival title is now poised to reach the PS4 in the 2018 holiday season through the help of Panic Button -- the studio behind the superb ports of Doom and Wolfenstein II to the Nintendo Switch. There are teases of "special things" for the PlayStation crowd, although details of those will have to wait.

Subnautica includes many familiar elements of survival games, such as crafting and lots of resource gathering. The allure, as you might expect, is the setting. The need to explore the ocean depths adds a lot of tension, whether it's running low on oxygen or fleeing from deadly sealife at the deeper levels. It also has sophisticated base building (you even have to worry about having too many windows) and modes that range from a consequence-free sandbox experience to a die-once-and-it's-over hardcore option. If you haven't played the game before and can't get enough of the survival genre, this might be your incentive to give it a try.