Samsung’s new care center is meant to improve customer service

The site even has competitors' devices on hand to compare user friendliness.

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Today, Samsung announced that it is opening a Connected Customer Care Center in Greenville, South Carolina. This facility is aimed at improving and streamlining customer service across Samsung's entire range of products. The tech-focused center specifically emphasizes the connection between the varied devices, gadgets and appliances Samsung makes.

"Today's announcement goes beyond our commitment to providing superior care for Samsung products, and ensures that Samsung customers are able to receive world-class education, training and support to connect their products and maximize their use however and whenever they would like," said Michael Lawler, senior vice president of Customer Care at Samsung Electronics America, in a release.

The center will include two training centers for agents, a video chat support area that is both private and secure and a showcase of some of Samsung's newest products. Most interestingly, it will also include a "connected living lab," which will house some of Samsung's products, as well as those of direct competitors, so agents can compare real-life experiences using these products.

Samsung has such a wide range of products, so it's certainly interesting to see it emphasize the connection between everything it makes. The company appears to be putting a lot of thought behind its customer interactions; let's hope that translate to more positive consumer support experiences.

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