'David Bowie Is' coming to your home through AR and VR

The musician's legacy will live on through headsets and phones.

Did you miss your chance to see the David Bowie is museum exhibition and pay tribute to the late, great musician? You won't have to wallow in regret for very long. The David Bowie Archive, Sony Music, Planeta and the Victoria and Albert Museum have announced plans for both augmented and virtual reality 'recreations' of the exhibit. These digital productions will use a series of "audio-visual spaces" to showcase 3D scans of Bowie's artifacts and let you get much closer than you might in real life. You might not only see a legendary costume, but try it on for yourself.

The exhibition will arrive on all "major" AR and VR platforms at an unspecified point in the future. There's no exact pricing, but it will carry a cost for a good reason: some of the proceeds will go toward both the V&A Museum and the Brooklyn Museum. Think of it as paying for any other exhibition ticket, only with more flexible visiting hours and no other guests getting in your way.