Google is resurrecting blob emoji again

The cute 'lil guys are back as a sticker pack for Gboard and Messages.

Fans of Google's now-dead blob emoji have a reason to be happy today. The company announced that it's resurrecting its cute, flatly designed characters, albeit as a sticker pack for Gboard and Android Messages. What's the occasion? Well, it's World Emoji Day, of course. This isn't a direct replacement for the standard circular emoji Google adopted after unceremoniously killing its own version off, but if you're feeling nostalgic for a time before Android O it should do the trick.

Now, Google has done this before, on World Emoji Day last year to be exact, but the adorable 'lil guys were imprisoned in Allo which put a damper on the festivities. Thankfully, the search juggernaut seems to have learned it's better to wait before sending a drunk announcement this time.