World Cup tweets were viewed 115 billion times

And its Fox Sports-exclusive show got 7.1 million views.

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Ian MacNicol via Getty Images
Ian MacNicol via Getty Images

Twitter had high hopes that the World Cup would be a big hit on its platform. The previous games in 2014 happened before the platform released video features, but this time around, it secured a deal with the event's US rights holder Fox Sports, as well as others across the world, for exclusive content like highlight clips and interviews. As the dust settles following the French team's triumph over underdog Croatia's squad in Sunday's final game, Twitter has released its own numbers to give us an idea how the World Cup went for the platform.

For starters, the big number: Twitter had 115 billion impressions (i.e. views of tweets) during the World Cup. While that's a lot, the company didn't break that down to explain which matches attracted more interactions than others -- even when reached for comment. Twitter told Engadget it wasn't sharing specific numbers, like it did for the 2014 World Cup when it announced the Germany vs. Brazil finals attracted 35 million tweets.

Twitter explained that tweet volume didn't necessarily correlate with an event's 'success' on the platform, just how consumers reacted. Impressions, on the other hand, show how fans consumed content throughout the World Cup.

The Fox Sports-produced FIFA World Cup Now show that appeared exclusively on Twitter had clearer success, netting 7.1 million video views over the course of the matches. The other numbers were more interesting than revelatory As expected, the final game had the most tweets, with Brazil's last two matches against Belgium and Mexico in second and third, respectively. Naturally, more tweets came from Brazil than any other country (with Japan and the UK following). Kylian Mbappé's fourth goal for France against Croatia was the most-tweeted moment of the whole World Cup, while the most-mentioned player was, of course, Neymar, Jr.

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