'Day of the Tentacle' fans create free, unofficial sequel

'Return of the Tentacle' is out now on Windows, Mac and Linux.

The classic point-and-click adventure game Day of the Tentacle was released a hair over 25 years ago, so fans have been waiting a long time for a follow-up. With little sign of Double Fine releasing another entry in the series, some fans have taken the initiative to create their own, unofficial sequel. It's called Return of the Tentacle and you can download it right now for Windows, Mac and Linux. Best of all, the game is available for the low, low price of zero dollars.

The sequel apes Day of the Tentacle's 2D art style using hand-drawn locations, and it features an original soundtrack. You'll need to once again find a way of stopping Purple Tentacle from taking over the world and enslaving the human race. There's some time travel involved, along with some puzzles and familiar faces from other games.

Return of the Tentacle is absolutely a labor of love for those behind the sequel, and it seems to capture the magic that made Day of the Tentacle an important entry in its genre. What's more, if you enjoy Return of the Tentacle, it's labeled as a prologue, which suggests there may be more in the pipeline.