Firefox is the latest browser to block autoplaying web audio

A test release gives you the choice to silence annoying videos.

Firefox is finally joining the ranks of web browsers that block autoplaying web sounds. Mozilla's latest Nightly builds for Firefox now include an option to mute autoplaying audio, hopefully saving you from jumping out of your seat when an obnoxious video ad makes its presence felt. It's finer-grained than Chrome's recently removed automatic muting, too. You can turn the feature off entirely, force it to ask for permission and make exceptions for specific sites.

These are Nightly releases, so you can expect plenty of bugs and rough edges. It's likely to take weeks or more before this reaches beta and developer builds, let alone the polished version. Nonetheless, it's heartening news. If you're no big fan of browsers like Chrome or Safari, you'll soon have a way to put annoying web media in its place.