'Fortnite' update adds explosives-only mode, revives guided missiles

Rain death from above.

As promised, Fortnite has its guided missile back... plus something extra. Epic has released a 5.10 update that reintroduces the missile in a toned-down version (that is, slower and less powerful), but also introduces a limited time Fly Explosives mode to spice things up. You can only find explosive weapons in this mode -- the key to survival is finding jetpacks, which have been tweaked to keep you in the air for longer. If you're not raining death from above, you probably won't last long.

There aren't many other additions, although you will get tweaks to the Playground that include Fly Explosives-related changes. Save the World players (yes, they exist) will also have a week's worth of access to a high-powered, single-shot Spyglass Sniper Rfile as of 8PM Eastern on August 1st. The 5.10 update is really is about adding some variety to Fortnite's competitive multiplayer, and anything else is largely a bonus.