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Moment Pro camera app now supports the Pixel 2's custom HDR chip

Moment Pro users can now get that sweet Pixel HDR+.

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One of the biggest selling points of Google's Pixel 2 is undoubtedly its camera, thanks largely to the Pixel Visual Core -- the custom chip that makes Pixel photos really pop. Some third-party apps such as Snapchat and Instagram have built in support for this, and now the Moment Pro Camera app is joining the fold. It's not a huge surprise -- Moment announced it would be launching a Pro Camera app for Android about a month ago, and said it would roll out support for Pixel Visual Core in a future update. And here it is.

Using HDR+ mode in Moment, which utilizes Pixel Visual Core, is pretty straightforward. Hit the "format" button on the app and tap on the new HDR+ option -- hey presto, your pictures will be given the Core treatment. Make sure you've updated the app first, though -- along with Visual Core Support you'll also get better camera roll features, improved viewfinder performance and a couple of bug fixes.

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