'Minecraft' movie delayed amid director changes

It may be old news by the time it's ready.

Were you eagerly awaiting Minecraft movie's May 2019 release? You'll need to make a change of plans. Director and co-writer Rob McElhenney has informed TheWrap that the originally slated debut is "not happening" as he's leaving the project. It's not clear why he's departing or who will replace him as director. However, Warner Bros. is asking Aaron and Adam Nee (both working on Masters of the Universe) to draft a new script.

The production shuffle is bound to create significant delays for the movie. It doesn't look good for Microsoft's Minecraft strategy, for that matter. While the company certainly wasn't depending on the movie for its bottom line, it announced the 2019 premiere date two years ago -- if it had any movie tie-in plans, they've just been thrown out the window. There's also a real concern that interest in Minecraft might fade by the time the movie is ready (assuming no other setbacks), potentially dampening its chances at the box office. That doesn't appear to be happening any time soon, but the clock is ticking.