‘New York Times’ iOS app allows you to personalize your reads

Your Feed lets you choose subjects that are meaningful to you.

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Gary Hershorn via Getty Images
Gary Hershorn via Getty Images

Finding all the articles that are of interest to you when a publication puts out hundreds of articles a day can be a challenge. That's why The New York Times unveiled a new section of its iOS app called Your Feed. It gives users the option to follow one of 24 channels, such as "From the Magazine," "Gender & Society," "At War" and "Space."

The channels you select in Your Feed will also feature some exclusive content, such as commentary from editors and reporters as well as high-quality articles that are not published by The New York Times. The release makes it clear that the curators of Your Feed will be playing around with extra content. The goal is to figure out what works best for readers in order to mimic the experience of reading a print newspaper.

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